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Our products

In Pinos de Venezuela all our products are made with organic woods, both coniferous and tropical woods. The customer has the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors and shades, from purple to creamy white. From woods for boats to woods for artisanal use, high resistance hard woods, as well as exotic woods for the elaboration of luxury projects. We only work with sustainable wood, never with wood from deforestation and we contribute to reforestation programs in areas that have been affected in previous years, helping to balance the environment, building a greener planet.

We have a large number of products that meet the needs of each client, from the initial design to the last quality assurance processes, we are committed to delivering exceptional products. Our name is one of the most recognized in the sector, contact us and you will benefit from our products.

We can process each of our products in different qualities such as Rustico, S2S, S4S, E4E, F&S, among others.

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